Village Playcare E-Learning Enrichment/Support
Hello! We are debuting our School Age E-Learning Support & Enrichment in a dedicated room this fall. This will be very social distanced, with opportunities to go outside for a break, in addition to creative time for STEM or Art. Each afternoon we'll have a hands on enrichment project such as STEM, STEAM, ART, Cooking etc. When students need a break, we'll have individual activities of them to do as well. We'll have a teacher dedicated to the school age students who will support. The teaching will all be through your school district- but we'll serve as an option to facilitate and make sure your child is focused and that everything is running smoothly!

Email us with any questions, or suggestions! We know that every family has different needs and its a not always a one size fits all.

Rate is $10/hr.
Siblings: $6/hr

We have options to come for the full day ( until 3:00- we'll be adding on later times as requested), or make your own schedule for a half day or a few hours.

We currently won't be offering late afternoon/evening support, but we'll create a waitlist for parents who need that, and will add on more hours once we have it available.

Spaces are very limited, you'll receive a confirmation from us that we have space for you, and then we'll set up your reservations and get you registered.

We'll be offering E-Learning Enrichment starting as early as August 24th, but you must register and reserve in advance.

If you have a younger child in preschool, we'll have room for them too, ages 2-5.
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