Covid Fit Club - Operations Position
At Covid Fit Club, the operations are a vital part of the program

It entails the basic day-to-day work of :

1) Building a strong customer relationship with our clients

2) Contacting clients regarding payments

3) Contacting the instructors and trainees before every session

3) Sending a reminder on each group to remind the clients to join

4) Ensuring that that the whole progress of our classes, payments and so on run smoothly and effectively

Operations is the life blood of Covid Fit Club!

We have 2 vacant spaces and will choose the best based on your responses and your ability to handle the work assigned to you. We would be happy to increase the number of slots based on the quality of candidates and applications received! Please answer honestly.

Thank you for applying :)

The applications close at 11:59pm Indian Standard Time, October 17!
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