The Be Kind In-Kind Pledge
In-kind payments are payments made "or given in goods, commodities, or services instead of money" ( ).

Producers: Willingness to accept in-kind contributions as compensation, when possible, is a manifestation of the belief that no one should be turned away and that everyone has something to contribute, regardless of the value of their bank account. Furthermore, accepting in-kind donations keeps waste by-products out of landfills and helps sustain operations without involving financial creditors.

Consumers: Paying in-kind, when and where accepted, cultivates relationships with goods- and service-providers and redistributes surplus goods, services, skills, and time.

Paying in-kind can develop local communities of resilience, create a ripple effect which supports producers within the community, and be mutually beneficial and sustainably productive.

Won't you be kind, and pay in-kind? Sign the Be Kind In-Kind Pledge!

The Be Kind In-Kind Pledge is a project of Satoyama Homestead. For more information, find your way to

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