Suzart Application Form - Director - The Addams Family
Thank you for applying to direct for Suzart Productions. The purpose of this form is to introduce yourself as director and to guide you through the application process. You may wish to begin answering the questions in a separate document before copy and pasting into the form. Please answer each section in as much detail as possible. If you have supporting documents you wish to include, please email them to

If at any time you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our President, Scott Shepherd at
Email *
Name *
Experience and qualifications
Please describe your past experiences, training, education, or qualifications to be the Director for this production.
Artistic vision and quality control
Why do you personally want to direct this production and what is your overall artistic vision for the production? (Vision should also include set, costumes, cast size, incorporation of music, musicians, and choreography)
How important is production quality and what steps will you take to make sure the show achieves the desired level of quality?
Production team and crew relations
Describe your approach to teamwork and collaboration with your production team and off-stage crew. (Approach should include the role and frequency of production team meetings as well as creating accountability among your production team) How do you anticipate providing and receiving feedback from the production team and off-stage crew?
Performer relations
Describe your approach to teamwork and collaboration with performers. How do you anticipate providing and receiving feedback from performers?
Positive and safe space creation
What steps will you take to make sure all rehearsals and spaces related to the production are both safe and fun?
What is your overall approach to conflict resolution?
Preferred team
If you’re applying as a team, please list additional team members and their anticipated production team roles. If you’re not applying as a team, please provide a brief description or qualifications you expect of your production team members.
Show specific questions
How do you anticipate incorporating children into your vision for the show?
How do you anticipate working with parents as well as managing concerns or conflict involving parents?
What else should the board know
Please discuss any additional topics of note that you would like to communicate to the board in relation to your application
Do you foresee any scheduling conflicts or anticipated commitments from your personal life that may impact the production timeline?
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