Solidarity Alliance for the Right to Safe Abortion
Thank you for your interest in joining the Solidarity Alliance for the Right to Safe Abortion!

The Solidarity Alliance for the Right to Safe Abortion was launched in 2018 and currently comprises 7 civil society organisations; Naripokkho, Association for Prevention of Septic Abortion (BAPSA), Reproductive Health Association Cambodia (RHAC), CommonHealth, Beyond Beijing Committee (BBC), Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNNR) and the Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) committed to realising the right to safe abortion for all women through strategic interventions that recognise abortion as a rights issue.

The Alliance hopes to bring together Global South voices, including that of young women’s, committed to realising safe abortion as a human right onto one platform to mobilise and engage through targeted intervention, sharing of knowledge and expertise and movement building for tangible change in access to safe abortion in the Global South. Together, the Alliance will shape discourse at the national, regional and global level through its collective experience on working on the right to safe abortion and its effects on women’s lived realities.

Abortion has surfaced high on the political agenda of western democracies where interest groups have mushroomed, crowds mobilised, campaigns launched and political authorities prodded to take action. On the other hand, governments in Global South are growing increasingly hostile to many dimensions of SRHR and particularly abortion with many dismissing it as “western ideology”. Pushing back against this requires strong and organised solidarity amongst Global South advocates working to advance access to safe abortion in their respective countries. The Solidarity Alliance for Safe Abortion will be able to provide a platform to mobilise support for members in times of need while also providing a network where members can share knowledge and expertise toward advancing access to safe abortion by using successes from other countries and tailoring it for their own contexts.

The Solidarity Alliance for the Right to Safe Abortion aims to build a community of Global South advocates, academics, service providers committed towards:
- Building a strong Global South Movement that can resist and push through the complex and often hostile cultural and religious context abortion sits within our countries
- Improving awareness on the legality of abortion and availability of services in order to address the barriers that prevent access to some women over others
- Developing evidence on the drivers of unsafe abortion to inform regional and local advocacy toward safer access to abortion
- Advancing the right to abortion by addressing factors that cause and perpetuate stigma and prevent access to safe services while ensuring autonomy to claim these rights
- Addressing barriers to access caused by refusal of care by service providers based on conscience and/or religion

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I/we confirm that I/we ascribe to and are committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls, regardless of age, race, and socioeconomic status can access their right to safe abortion services in their respective countries and that I/we are committed to furthering supportive, right-based , safe and respectful spaces to ensure the right to safe abortion.

The current Organising Committee of the Alliance will review your membership application within a month of submitting the following form.

We look forward to growing a robust and effective Global South movement for the Right to Safe Abortion together with you!

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