Educational Opportunity Programs Emerging Leaders Institute Supervisor Support Form
Congratulations! Someone in your program was recently nominated for participation in the Educational Opportunity Association's Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI). ELI's design combines professional development, networking opportunities, and hands-on experiences that prepare participants for greater involvement in EOA and their respective state chapters. Many people also notice that the skills developed through ELI participation translate directly to their office, benefiting the program.

The ELI Applicant must be able to fully participate and engage in the ELI experience for 2019-2020
- November Transition Meeting, 11/13 (after the conference), 11/14, Omaha
- January, 1/16-1/18, Kansas City, MO
- March, 3/22-3/25, Washington, DC (tentative)
- April, 4/30-5/3, Bloomington, MN
- Aug., 8/6-8/8, Detroit, MI
- Nov., 11/5-11/7, Detroit, MI (Before the annual conference begins)
Please take a few moments to complete this form verifying approval of this candidate's participation in ELI training and the 2020 EOA Annual Conference.
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Is your office able to provide financial and program support to participate fully in the Emerging Leaders Institute and attend the EOA Annual Conference? *
Please provide us with a paragraph offering your support to the ELI candidate and explain why you think the candidate will be a good fit for the ELI program. *
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