Welcome to our careers page, opportunities are always available here, that's why we always welcome new members to join the team as we grow, so does our team.
Career path

Availability flexible
Job description
Our team members are responsible for delivering an extraordinary experience, by providing a specialized service, and a welcoming energizing experience, to each and every quests. Should be well knowledgeable of the company products and communicate this with guests and our team. Job also includes keeping the area and restaurant clean and performing maintenance on equipment and facility throughout the day.

- Flexible Schedule
- Higher starting pay
- Discount on food
- Training and advancement opportunities

SHIFT MANAGER. $11.50-12 (after training)
Availability flexible but full shifts
Our shift managers lead by example in all areas of work, primarily with the core values, they are key brand ambassadors. The Shift manager is responsible for managing the shifts deploying team members to meet business demands, and being manager in charge of the store. He/she will guide the team to complete duties and assignments to meet and exceed the guests expectations. Shift managers also receive products, order supplies and check inventories. Work by team members side serving clients, making products and cleaning the restaurant.

ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER ($23k to $28K ) + incentives
Availability Open/ limited
An Assistant General Manager (AGM) is responsible for the overall shift-level operations, guest experience, sales performance and promoting excellence branding in a store. They are also responsible for assisting in the growth of sales and profit of the store. In the absence of the General Manager (GM), the AGM effectively is the store leader. AGMs ensure that the store’s appearance as well as teach team member’s performance is to the company standards. AGMs also will assist the GM, in creating awareness in the community of the store presence and participate in different communities events to promote and be part of the community. In house AGM's lead team members and Shift Managers to growth and development, as well assist with hiring.

GENERAL MANAGER. ($26k to $35K) + incentives
Availability open.
General Manager's are responsible for the overall operations and growth and success of the store. Through building a strong team of team members and shift managers, that live the core values, mission and vision of Tropical Juice Bar. This includes hiring, firing and promoting new team members. Implementing and supporting branding and marketing campaigns. GM's make the schedule , adjust inventories and make decisions to resolve any challenges within the restaurant. GM's ensure the store is operating successfully increasing sales from year to year up, and meeting sales goals by ensuring all procedures are followed.

Our salary managers are our partners and get compensated on meeting revenue goals and having a great company culture consistent with the core values in their store.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team.

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