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After you fill up this sign up request, we will contact you to go over details before the sign up is completed. If you would like direct information please contact us at inti.tierra@gmail.com

Welcome to our first visionary proccess of life! A process in continuos evolution started by a Young Generation of Creative Transformational Artists and Visionary Wholistic Nomadic Family. A Counscious Transcultural Movement.

We want to invite all Creative Art and Modern Visionary Culture, Wellness Community and Nature People to experience the power that music, art, culture and traditions has to transform lives, strengthen community roots and foster unity that empowers Wholistic Education, Wellness, Family Engagement and Permaculture Community Mindful Living just in the right medicine for this transcultural convergence. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. The Forest, The River, The Ocean, The Waterfall, The Lagoon, The Mountain.

Join us in this great experience of cocreating a home for all of us in one of the most safest places of the Earth for the times to come!

A beautiful proccess of life in the Mountais of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta cocreated in a land of 30 hectareas that Holds 1 KM of the Palomino Glaciel River, UNTOUCH PRISTINE PRIMARY FOREST and SNOWY PEAKS Landscapes, An Ancestral Path Walking Distance Away from the Beach.

Coconuts Avocatos and Mangos, Mandarines, Sugar Cane, Lemon, açai and all Tropical Superfood growing rapdily.

White Sand River Beaches, Guacamaya Families, Humminbirds, and much more Exotic Species in Protection, Wholistic Managed Wood Forest for Natural Building, INDIGENOUS NATIVE Brotherhood Care and Phone Wifi Point.

A lovely Peaceful Intimate Setting just four hour of trekk away from Palomino beach! Or less than 2 hours from the unique Mountain Road being build.

Welcome to our first Visionary proccess of life!



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