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How did you learn about the Jura Peaks Challenge? *
Do you know anyone who has completed the Jura Peaks Challenge? If yes, let us know who. *
Why do you want to complete the Jura Peaks Challenge this year? *
Can you commit to being present to all the trek dates we have planned? A reminder that the dates are: 11 Sept 20226 Nov 20224 Dec 202221-22 Jan 20235 March 20232 April 20236-7 May 2023Backup dates: 10-11 June 2023 If not which ones can you not attend? *
Do you have any allergies, dietary restrictions or health issues we should be aware of? Please specify if yes *
Our JPC trek days are approximately 8-hour treks which means on average this represents 6 hours of hiking or snowshoeing. Do you have the physical fitness to do this? *
If you get 1 of the 10 spots on the Jura Peaks Challenge, what payment options would you choose to use? *
If all places on the JPC are attributed when we get your application, do you want us to keep your application on our waitlist in case of any cancellation before the JPC starts? ** Please keep in mind that a spot will only be confirmed once payment is secured. If it isn't within 48 hours, the place will be attributed to another applicant.We sometimes receive cancellations during the months prior to the JPC starting for reasons such as moving away from Switzerland, health problems, etc. In this case, we contact those on the waitlist to try and re-attribute the spot. We only do so before the JPC starts.** *
Thank you for completing the Jura Peaks Challenge application. We're reviewing applications quickly to be able to give you an answer today. Make sure to check your emails at the address you indicated in your application as even if you are attributed 1 of the 10 spots on the JCP it will only be confirmed once you've completed the payment. Instructions for your chosen payment method will be included in the email. ** Take the time to consult our Terms & Policies at *
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