Have a fic Advocated!

Sometimes, the key to getting more reviews is simply making the story known around the Fandom, and The LUV'NV would love to help "vocationally advertise" your fic. Complete this form and a staff member will read the story and post a review on the site. Then for two weeks, The LUV'NV will:
<div style="text-align: left;">♥ Advertise your fic at the top-right of the site (similar to "The Fic of the Week")
♥ Tweet it twice a day under the LUV'NV's Twitter account
♥ Have it rec’d in any new chapters of all advocating staff’s fics (if the advocators update in those two weeks, that is).</div>

Both readers and authors are encouraged to submit a fic for the de Vill's Advocate, but please make sure the story meets the requirements listed below.

<div style="text-align: left;">♥ Must be beta'd, or well written if it's not beta'd.
♥ Must have at least five chapters posted.
♥ Cannot have more than 500 reviews nor an average of 25 reviews per chapter. For example, a ten chapter fic with 450 reviews will not qualify. That's an average of 45 reviews per chapter and cannot be considered under-appreciated.
♥ The story has not <u>won</u> any awards. Nominations are fine, but winning an award or contest disqualifies the story for Advocation.
♥ The main pairing is not Edward and Bella. (For E/B fics, please see "Deviant Days.")
♥ Must have the proper content warnings near the top of the first chapter. The vague "Dark themes" is unacceptable.</div>

Also ...
<div style="text-align: left;">♥ We will Advocate only one story per author within a six-month time frame, so please submit only one story by you or the author at this time.
♥ Please do not submit a story more than once, or it will be deleted. We'd really hate to do that you and the story, so please don't make us.
♥ It is to the discretion of The LUV'NV staff when a story is read and Advocated. While we would love to Advocate every fic submitted in the order they were received, we might feel the story needs to have more chapters to reach its full potential. We also reserve the right to reject any submission based on quality and/or controversial content of the fic. </div>

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