Engine Controls Questionaire
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Contact Name
Contact Email
Contact Phone number
Shipyard Name
Vessel Owner Name
Vessel details : Type, length, beam, draft, deadrise, displacement
Vessel Speed
Class / Class notations
Control Type
Bridge stations (Quantity Inside)
Bridge stations (Quantity Outside)
Engine Control Room Station
Local Control Station
Main Engine Information: Manufacturer, HP/kW Each, Unidirectional / Direct reversing, Operating/Barred Speed range, Governer Type
Main Engine Existing safety system
Gearbox Details: Manufacturer, Reversing / Unidirectional, Reduction Ratio
Clutch Details: Manufacturer, Type (Air/Hydraulic), Operating pressure, Engagement service (Frequent / Infrequent), Pipe size, Slip clutch, Pressure range
Clutch existing safety systems
Propeller details: Manufacturer, operating pressure, existing load control
Propeller Type
Propeller existing pitch setting device
Shaft Brake details: Manufacturer
Shaft Brake type
Shaft Brake Service
Bridge controls: Number of bridge stations
Bridge controls
Bridge controls: Type
Engine Control Room controls: Type
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