IAIE Inviting School Fidelity Award Application: Due March 31, 2017
Please complete this form to officially apply for the Fidelity Award Program. There is no application fee.
International Alliance for Invitational Education
IAIE Inviting School Fidelity Award Application Instructions
Please enter your school information below, and click "submit form" to officially apply for the 2017 IAIE Fidelity Award Program. Please submit your application by March 31, 2018.

Schools that have already received the Inviting School Award are eligible for the Fidelity Award Program, which includes 5 levels of awards, given every two years. If your school has never received the Inviting School Award, please apply for that Award first. You school must maintain a current IAIE Institutional Membership in order to apply for any IAIE awards.

Schools that received their last IAIE Award prior to 2016, are required to purchase and administer the Inviting School Survey-Revised again, as part of the Fidelity Award process. After purchasing the Survey, you will receive a receipt with a link to the School Demographic Form. Please complete this in order to receive your Survey Access Code.

If you received the Inviting School Award in 2016, you are not required to redo the survey, but are encouraged to do so for your own information. For more information on the IAIE Awards, Survey, and guidelines for completion of the program, visit www.invitationaleducation.net.

For any questions about the Fidelity Awards, contact Ken Wright, Fidelity Award Chair, at: kenwright2@bellsouth.net.

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