Better Block Livernois - Community Survey
Help us find the best ways to improve the Livernois corridor during our demonstration on August 6th, 2016.
What's your primary way of getting around Detroit?
What's your secondary way of getting around Detroit?
How would you rate your typical commute?
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What challenges do you face on your commute?
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What improvements would make your commute more comfortable?
What do you like most about your neighborhood?
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What would you like to see more of in your neighborhood?
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What are some of your favorite neighborhood spots?
This can include anything -- restaurants, parks, shops, a particular street, etc.
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What's your zip code?
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How old are you?
What is your ethnic/racial background?
What is your annual household income?
How did you hear about Better Block Livernois?
Are you interested in volunteering?
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