2nd Grade Computer Science Assessment
For the Beginning of Year Assessment, it is recommended that the instructions be read to the students in order to ensure student comprehension and understanding.
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1. Persistence is *
2. In making an algorithm for brushing your teeth, which step goes first? *
3. How do you write an algorithm? *
4. When pair programming, the driver____________ *
5. When pair programming, the navigator____________ *
6. You write a program to draw a square. The program is made up of *
7. You write code to control a toy robot. You ______________ the robot to move around the room. *
8. What will happen if there is a bug in a computer program? *
9. You can use a __________ to code an action that happens over and over. *
10. A mistake in a program is called *
11. To fix errors in your program, you would: *
12. You and your friends are playing with a toy robot on the floor. The toy robot is called a microbit. You can _______ the microbit to move around. *
13. Robots are used in the real world for *
14. To code an Ozobot, you need *
15. You want to find out about The Great Chicago Fire. You can find information on the ________. *
16. What does it mean to keep a password a secret? *
17. To be safe online, *
18. When coding with Artist, you need to know
19. Which block would you use to loop a set of commands?
20. Which is NOT a requirement on the Code of Conduct?
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