2017 Quashnet School Council Survey
Please complete the brief survey below. Your answers are important and will be used to improve our practice at the Quashnet School. Thank you for your time.
My child/children are in the following grades. Please check all that apply.
My child/children currently receives the following services/supports at the Quashnet School. Please check all that apply.
These questions focus on how the school fosters shared responsibility.
Do you read the Quashnet Blog?
Is the information useful to you?
Do you follow Quashnet School on social media?
I communicate with my child/children's teacher through:
I am informed about my child's progress.
The PowerSchool data management tool is helpful in monitoring my child's progress.
If PowerSchool is not helpful to you, please explain.
Your answer
My child feels safe at the Quashnet School.
If you answered strongly disagree or disagree above, please identify the school locations that are unsafe.
The Quashnet School has clear rules for student behavior.
The Quashnet School meets the academic needs of my child.
The Quashnet School meets the social/emotional needs of my child/children.
The Quashnet School meets the behavioral support for my child/children.
My child/children know the Falcon Five.
The Quashnet School's main office is a welcoming and accommodating place.
My concerns are addressed with respect and in a timely manner - please select all that apply.
Please list highlights and opportunities for improvement.
Glows - highlights
Your answer
Grows - opportunity for improvement
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Would you be willing to serve on the school council which focuses on school improvement? Please contact mobrien@mpspk12.org if you are interested or have questions.
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