Writer + Mom + Life podcast guests

We started a podcast in July 2017 for self-published authors who also have a life and family to juggle!

We think it's important for women, and especially mothers, to have positive role models. But everyone has a different idea of what "Writer + Mom + Life" should equal. And that's great!

We hope that seeing all the different forms "success" can take in the self-publishing world (a creative outlet, extra money for bills/fun, supporting the family so a partner can work less) will encourage more mothers to reach their goals, whatever they may be.

The types of questions we like to ask my guests:
- What was your definition of success when you first started? How long did it take you to reach it?
- Do you have a new definition of success you're trying to reach?
- How have your goals changed as your kid(s) get older?
- What does a typical week look like?
- How much time is spent writing, how much is marketing?
- Have you taken any courses to help you reach the level of success you're at right now?
- How much sleep do you get?
- What % of the childcare/housework are you responsible for? Has that changed since you started writing?

As you can see, we're very interested in the "how" questions! Think of those great "behind the scenes" photos of the perfect Instagram shots... We love to celebrate each other's success, but seeing all the work that goes into it is even more motivating. Also, a lot of what we see out there is not written by parents, and while every piece of advice is useful, it'd be great to hear how real moms take that advice and adapt it to their crazy lives.

We know everyone is super busy, so we try to keep the interviews short (15-20 minutes) and we'll send you the questions beforehand so you can prepare a bit.

Thank you so much for your interest in this new podcast!
- Daphne (www.daphnejameshuff.com and writermomlife.com)
- J. R. Frontera (www.jrfrontera.com)

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