ASAP & MOCA Workshop Series Application
ASAP is partnering with the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA) to offer a four-session, visual arts workshop series free for veterans, service members, military families, and caregivers. All workshops will be led by MOCA's award-winning teaching artists at MOCA's facilities in Virginia Beach. Upon completing a workshop with ASAP and MOCA, participants are encouraged to enroll in MOCA's myriad art education classes and workshops.

We have outlined the details for the four session workshop series in the sections below. Please review each workshop opportunity, and if you are interested and available, apply to the top two programs in which you are most interested.


Saturday February 16th, 10AM - 4PM

Use photography to discover your creative voice. Explore composition, lighting, and the masters of the genre. Improve your skills and a gain a better understanding of taking more intentional photos. We’ll discuss historical and contemporary photographers to better understand this art form and develop your eye and personal style. Bring any kind of camera you want! This workshop is accessible to DSLRs, point and shoot, phones, and even film cameras. This session will be led by photographer and teaching artist, Lauren Keim.

Saturday, May 18th, 10AM - 4PM

Create a Visual Journal and experiment with mixed media. Visual Journaling is an art form that records life experiences using images, words, and small objects (natural material, photos, notes, etc.). Pages are created by combining various mediums such as drawing, painting, and collage. Guided creative exercises will lay the foundation for creating your journal. This workshop will be led by artist, author, and educator, Donna Iona Drozda.

Saturday, August 17th, 10AM - 4PM

Experience the joy and challenges of working with clay. Basic hand building techniques will be covered with the option of trying the potter's wheel. Discover the exciting possibilities clay offers for sculpture or functional work while unearthing your own creative potential. The session will be led by teaching artist, Anna Freeman

Saturday, November 16th, 10AM - 4PM

Learn the basic principles of drawing, such as value, line, positive and negative space. A variety of subject matters will be explored using pencil and charcoal. Students will also explore their creative voice through exercises in expression and creativity. The session will be led by award-winning painter and teaching artist, Suzanne Stevens.

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