Seeking Change Stories for the ACRL Leading Change workbook
**Please submit your change story by December 13, 2019**

The ACRL Leading Change workbook is a self-paced, openly available resource that combines information and inspiration about change management in academic libraries with practical exercises for individuals and teams. This resource, authored by Dani Cook, Cinthya Ippoliti, and Brianna Marshall, and supported by ACRL’s New Roles and Changing Landscapes committee, is forthcoming in Spring 2020.

In order to feature a variety of perspectives within the academic library community, we invite you to share your stories of change in academic libraries. Specifically, we hope you will reflect on and describe a past change experience, with a focus on the change process.

Our goal in collecting stories is to shed light on the ways that change happens within academic libraries, including how it is impacting library workers, with the intention of collectively striving toward positive, impactful change processes and practices.

Select stories will be included in the workbook in order to spark collective conversation about change in our organizations. Depending on the number of responses we get, the stories may be incorporated in different ways. Our goal in collecting and sharing these stories is not to “shame” anyone, but rather highlight the breadth of change management processes and experiences, so we are looking for stories ranging from complete successes to those that left something to be desired. These stories may be shared in a number of ways, including incorporation into the text of the workbook, presented as scenarios in a community of practice or a repository of materials, etc.

We want to recognize the work of everyone who contributes to this project, but understand if you prefer not to share your name. The form will allow you to input your name if you’d like to be identified as a contributor (but we won’t match your name to your specific story), or you may remain anonymous. Please do not include overtly identifying information in your submission, such as institutional or personal names.

Additional information about the Leading Change workbook will be forthcoming in early 2020.

Dani Cook,
Cinthya Ippoliti,
Brianna Marshall,
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Briefly describe the change process. What was your role in the change process? How did you feel about the process? Overall, did you feel that it went well? Poorly? Why?
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Briefly describe the change outcome. How has your work been impacted by the change? Does how you feel about the outcome differ from how you felt about the process?
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What is an important takeaway or lesson that others can apply to future change processes?
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