Homework - The New Resume
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Write a two-sentence summary of the article linked above.
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Should job seekers only Tweet about professional matters, or are personal Twitter updates fair game for screening out negative or undesirable candidates?
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Paraphrase this quote from Jocelyn Lai, a talent acquisition manager for advertising firm who uses Twitter to get a sense of a candidate: "I watch people interact, learn what their positions are, who their best friends on Twitter are, whether they have a sense of humor. From that you can get a pretty good picture."
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Switching Roles
If you were in charge of hiring for a professional firm, would you hire someone who posts negative or inappropriate things on Twitter? Why or why not?
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How is Dawn Siff's six-second video résumé described in the article? (The video is described for the reader, but we can't view the video itself.)
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Imagine you are applying for a job and the hiring manager pulls up your Twitter or Instagram feed. What would he or she learn about you from those sources?
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