Summer Sessions 2021 - Interest Group Proposal Form
Interest Groups are opportunities to share, to teach, to learn, to worship, to laugh, cry and grow together. An Interest Group can be a place for like-minded Friends to come together, for differences to be explored, for finding common ground, for deepening knowledge and understanding, for play or drama or comedy, for movement or stillness. Interest Groups can be light and lively or scholarly and academic, intensive or relaxed, intellectual or physical, or any combination. An Interest Group can be short or long. It can be presented in a single session or spread over multiple days. It could require reading or homework or a mat, a chair, a camera, an easel, etc. An Interest Group can be whatever you make it, limited only be your imagination (and a few physical and technical constraints).

Do you have a leading, a topic, a skill, a craft, an activity that you are passionate about? Would you like to introduce Friends to a subject or deepen Friends (and your own) understanding and experiences? Teach a skill to beginners? Facilitate interaction among aficionados? Share your leading? Build appreciation and understanding of a subject? The NYYM Interest Group Coordinators want to hear from you!

This year, NYYM Interest Groups will be held during the 3 weeks leading up to Summer Sessions, from July 5 through July 23, and will be entirely virtual. Applications for leading Interest Groups are due by May 31.

This is a big experiment. We are hoping that holding Interest Groups BEFORE Summer Sessions and spreading them out over 3 weeks will both enable Friends to offer a broad range of Interest Groups and facilitate participation. We need your help to make this work. Share your talent, your knowledge, your inquisitiveness, your spirit by offering an Interest Group.

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