Library Evaluation-Suggestions-Encouragements-Complaints
This survey helps the library to evaluate services and also provides a chance for suggestions of various sorts. Questions are in past tense. If you are currently a student, simply answer as it stands now. If you're no longer in present tense yourself, please answer as you see it now.

And maybe you would prefer to simply send the librarian an email! You can do that.

Are you happy with the Rosedale Bible College library? *
If you would simply like to write comments now, please go ahead.
It would be very helpful if you would also complete the rest of our survey!
Your answer
By the way, have you talked to Reuben Sairs, the Director of Library Services?
If you have a reference question, please consult him personally during the school day.
Are there class-related materials you would like to see the library purchase?
Your suggestion can be specific (a certain item) or general (subject matter). Please give all the pertinent information that is available--titles, authors, ISBN, descriptions, subject matter.
Your answer
Are you aware that there are hundreds of ebooks available through the RBC online catalog?
(Unfortunately, these are only available on campus.)
Do you find the library a comfortable place to work?
Consider all the factors--seating, lighting, noise, temperature.
If you have you worked with the librarian, Reuben Sairs, in research,
how would you rate the quality of the experience?
Just what I needed.
Has work in the library been a necessary part of your RBC classes?
Think in general terms--some classes require more research than others.
What items do you or did you use most in the library?
Is there a service that you would like to see the library offer?
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