Metro PAC TOC Policy Section 2: TOC Activities
Please complete this form to provide your feedback on designated TOC activities in the Metro TOC Policy. This information will be used to advocate your opinions at the next Metro PAC TOC Policy working group on Monday, February 5th. We tried to cover the main points of Section 2 of the draft TOC Policy in this form, but if you would like to consult the full TOC Policy- Section 2 draft click here: Confused about the TOC Policy? Read this blog post:
Table 1 provides an overview of existing Metro policies and programs that support TOCs. Are there any policies/programs that you're aware of that are missing and should be added?
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TOC Activities in the draft policy are currently categorized as either "general," "within the 0-1/2 mile walkshed," or "within the 0-3 mile bikeshed." Do you think those geographic scopes should be amended at all? Or would you suggest a different way of defining the scope of TOC Activities?
These distances are based on Metro's definition of High Quality Transit Areas (HQTA), which is based on the State's definition of High Quality Transit Service (namely, either a fixed guideway transit station or the intersection of two buses with 15 minute or less headways during peak hours).
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