Reading Fiction as a Sacred Text Workshop
​Wednesday, June 7
5:30 - 6:30pm

Madrona Commons
832 32nd Ave
Seattle, WA ​

Looking for accessible practices of personal resilience in the midst of 2017?

On Wednesday, June 7, Vanessa Zoltan will host a one-hour workshop on reading fiction as a sacred text at Madrona Commons.

Vanessa co-hosts Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, a hilarious, insightful podcast that connects a familiar, modern piece of fiction with ancient religious practices to provide listeners with smart conversations and meaningful questions about our own values and beliefs. Learn more about the podcast here:

These practices easily translate to anything you're reading these days: poetry, articles, zines, etc. and provide an extra layer of critical reflection (without the cost of tuition!).

To make this event accessible to all, organizers ask for a $5 cash donation at the door; all proceeds will go to the International Rescue Committee.

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Check-out the podcast and consider coming to a recording of the live show on Thursday, June 8 at the Fremont Abbey. Tickets available here:
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