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We want to find out a little more about what you are doing now and how your Frye experience impacted your professional career. We are hoping to publish the results of this survey along with some of the work resulting from the summit. We will get permission prior to quoting you, but will release aggregate survey data.
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What best describes your current work situation.
If you marked "outside higher ed" or "other," please describe your current position and how/why you made the change.
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How many institutions have you worked for since Frye?
How has your position changed since Frye?
Have you earned any new degrees or certifications since Frye? Please list:
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Please list any leadership positions held in a professional organization(s) and/or any other recognitions or advancements you’d like to highlight.
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Have you served as a formal or informal mentor? If so, please describe.
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Anything else you want to tell us about your career path since Frye?
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