RTWFC Fencer Information Sheet
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Name *
Date of Birth *
Parent/Guardian's name (if applicable)
Address *
Phone number *
Email address *
Emergency contact name *
Emergency contact relationship *
Emergency contact number *
MEDICAL INFORMATION. Please give the details of any medical conditions, injuries and/or allergies, and medication required by fencer. If you do not have any medical conditions please state 'none' *
I declare that I am / my child is of sound health and I have informed you of all medical conditions, allergies and medication. In the unlikely event of it being necessary, I consent for medical treatment and/or the administration of an anaesthetic. I also declare that should there be any changes I will inform the club as soon as possible. *
CLUB COMMUNICATION: I confirm that I am happy to receive news about the club by email (note: must be over 18) *
MULTIMEDIA CONSENT AGREEMENT.  I confirm that I am happy for RTWFC to use the above mentioned fencer’s picture/text/video on various printed, online and other multimedia publications for marketing purposes, which may be hosted both at the club and on social media: *
I agree to adhere to the RTWFC Covid-19 risk assessment and pre-session health declaration form which can be found on the RTWFC website. I understand that these guidelines may change and updates can be found on the RTWFC website. *
General Data Protection Registration
We hold the above data purely for the administration of the club. Your data will not be passed onto 3rd parties without your further agreement, we may keep your data for up to 1 year after your last visit to the club. You have the right to see your data and for your data to be deleted. Your data may be stored in both electronic and hard copy.
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