Traveller Online Questionnaire
PROJECT PROTECT is 3-year EC H2020 project funded under the Secure Societies work programme (BES-6-2015: Border crossing points topic 2: Exploring new modalities in biometric-based border checks) and which commenced on September 1st 2016. The main aim of PROTECT is to build an advanced biometric-based person identification system that works robustly across a range of border crossing types and that has strong user-centric features.

Help us shape future border controls by filling in the following Questionnaire

Currently, Automated Border Control (ABC) gates (“e-gates”) are frequently used at the airports. Apart from queuing, the slowest parts of the process (“transaction time”) is the time it takes for the traveller’s passport to be scanned and for the face recognition to be performed. To speed-up and ease this process, the European Union has founded the PROTECT project (, which considers a novel idea of “on the move” biometric control at the border. Initially, a traveller is enrolled at a kiosk and biometric data are securely stored in his/her smartphone. During border control, personal data are first transferred from the smartphone and next the traveller’s identity is verified in a multi-sensor walk through corridor.
1. What is your nationality?
2. What is your age?
3. What is your gender?
4. Do you use a smartphone?
5. Do you have an ePassport?
6. What is your reason for travelling? (Select all applicable)
7. How many times a year do you usually travel abroad?
8. How do you rank protection of personal data and privacy during border control?
9. Have you heard of Automated Border Control e-gates before?
10. If you have a choice, what do you currently prefer?
11. How many times have you used e-gates?
12. What maximum waiting time (queuing etc.) is acceptable to you?
13. Once in the e-gate, what maximum transaction time is acceptable to you?
14. What is, in your opinion, the speed of the current e-gate process?
15. Which part of the ABC process takes the longest when you use an e-gate?
16. Which step of the e-gate process is the most problematic for you?
17. Which of the following attributes is the most important one?
18. How do you rank ease of use of the e-gate?
19. How do you rank the security of personal and biometric data in e-gate systems?
20. Which is more attractive to you?
21. How likely you will use the biometric corridor?
22. What do you expect from the biometric corridor? (Select two answers)
23. Which of the following attributes would be the most important one?
24. Do you think that the biometric corridor is safe for homeland security?
25. Would you happy to use your mobile phone as a travel document (for example, instead of presenting your passport)?
26. What maximum length of the corridor would be acceptable to you?
27. Which biometric modality do you prefer to be checked? (Select 1 or 2)
28. Do you mind being observed by many scanners/cameras during border control?
29. Are you willing to use a camera and microphone from your smartphone to acquire selfie and/or voice for identification purposes in the corridor?
30. If the answer to the above question was "yes", are you also willing to do this in an interactive manner, e.g. by smiling or turning your head?
31. How long should such an interactive procedure take and be acceptable to you in the corridor?
32. Would you find voice instructions helpful to move to the next stage of the process?
33. Would you mind wirelessly transferring of your personal biometric data stored on your mobile phone to an authorized Border Guard System?
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