Call for Proposals - 2019 - 6th Annual Delaware Energy Conference
The 6th Annual Delaware Energy Conference ( is accepting proposals for speakers. The conference is October 24, 2019 at the Hilton - Wilmington/Christiana. Conference attendees include professionals working in the areas of Commercial & Industrial, Government, School Districts, and Energy Industry.

We have identified the following topics, but feel free to submit a different topic of interest:

1) Corporate Engagement: Connecting energy improvements to the bottom line, creating opportunity from risk, enacting change from stakeholders.

2) Financing: Innovative financing, tax and other incentives that shorten ROI and depreciation. Energy markets. Energy as a service.

3) Building Performance: Health, environment, human performance connection. Achieving sustainable building performance. Water efficiency as an energy conservation measure. Internet of Things - managing data and controls wisely. Measurement & Verification monitoring vs ESCO monitoring.

4) Delaware - Where are we headed?: What can Delaware learn from other states about PACE, Policy, Energy Efficiency, Off-shore wind. Can we achieve a decarbonized energy infrastructure? What are our climate vulnerabilities and risks? Should Delaware set climate change goals? Smart Cities. Workforce and economic development. How can REIT's benefit from C-PACE?

5) Policy- What has shaped current energy environment and what is needed to shape the future? Renewable Portfolio Standards, Net Energy Metering, Incentives, Transmission and interconnect policies for renewable energy, how are tariffs affecting costs/power prices, improving Delaware's Community Solar pathway.

6) Case studies: Success stories in Energy Star Building, Net Zero Energy, Passive House, Microgrids, Bioenergy.

7) Power Grid: Reliability/Cybersecurity/Resilience. Grid integration of renewables.

8) Renewable Energy: Virtual Power Purchase Agreements. Solar + storage projects: sizing & benefits. Financing with brokers, CSP, etc.

9) Emerging Technologies: Renewables & Efficiency, Energy Storage, Smart Buildings / Grid Interactive Buildings, 5G Wireless Technology, Targeting Net Zero Energy in Existing Buildings, Passive House, Biodigestion, CNG fleets and GHP’s, Liquid air energy storage.

10) ESCO: What projects are happening in Delaware's private sector? How will a Master Lease Agreement structure help move projects forward?

11) Other energy related topics are always welcome

Session presentations will generally be 10-15 minutes in length and will be followed by questions. You may also be asked to join a panel discussion at the conclusion of the session. Proposals are due Wednesday August 28th.

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