Parent School Re-Entry Survey
The Weldon City Schools district is requesting families feedback regarding reopening. We would like to involve families in the decision making process by receiving information based on family needs, preferences, and reflections.
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What School does your child(ren) attend? Please select all that apply. *
Assuming appropriate safety measures are in place, what is your preference for how your child returns to school in the next grading period. *
Rank your child's learning since Remote Instruction began this school year? *
What is your primary area of concern with Remote Learning? *
If in-person learning resumes during the next grading period, how comfortable are you having your child return to the school building? *
How do you anticipate your child will get to and from school during reopening? *
Does your child or anyone in your home have health concerns that would prevent your child from returning to in-person learning? *
How would you like for your child's school to communicate with you? *
How often would you like your child's school to communicate with you? *
How can the district support you with returning to in-person?
Is there anything else you would like to share about your preferences for returning to school?
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