Library Training 7: Preferred Vendors, Ordering Process, Downloading Marc Records
This training should take about 30 minutes.
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Use our preferred vendors for the best discounts and the best customer services. Next is an example of the process, using Mackin. If you want to use another preferred vendor, then develop the same steps with them. *
If you are not a professional staff member, request a booklist from the Mackin staff, who have Masters in Information and Library Sciences. Then you can add or delete titles. *
When you place an order name the list, and put in your actual dollar amount in the dollar limit box. When placing orders, all orders need to be over the amount of your actual funding by 20%. This overage of 20% prioritizes your "A" list. Make sure to use a certain percentage of your order as a "B" list. When submitting your list to your admin to receive a PO, reference the 6 digit ID number on the left, which will enable Mackin to find the list. Here is a document for future reference.
Designate all titles that are ER, or Early Reader titles in the Notes section of the order. If you don't know what an Early Reader is, please look in our library catalog as if you were going to add a title and see if the majority are cataloged ER. Here is the Mackin video explaining the process. *
Share or send your list with the District Library Manager via email or user name, which is in the same format as your user name (don't change your user name so we can all easily share). *
Once the District Librarian has approved, write that the list has been approved in the special instructions or notes area, or the District Librarian will respond with an email to you and cc'ing the rep.
Place your order and cc Laurie at and the District Librarian.
I understand the article on preferred vendors and processing specs. *
I understand the ordering process
I understand how to import Marc Records. I understand the important boxes to check in Destiny before I import the records. *
Thank you for completing this training! Please provide any feedback below and notify the District Library Manager via email that you have completed the training.
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