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This is a sign up form for the Annapoorna Wholesome Nutrition Weekly Meal Service Pilot, and it provides us with useful feedback that will help us launch our meal service. Thank you for your support!

Please fill in this form to indicate your preferences, so we can get back to you with details. We look forward to providing Fresh and Delicious Healthy Plant-based Meals soon! Meals are 100% Whole Food Plant Based, with ZERO animal products & processed foods. We will begin our service with delicious North Indian dishes and add other ethnic dishes as we go along. Our basic meal layout will include lentils/beans, 2 servings of veggies, grains, and Indian flat bread.

Currently meal pick-up is on Saturdays after 2pm.
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Do you have any food allergies?
Please provide details of any food you are allergic to. We will let you know if it is possible for us to prepare your meals without any trace of these ingredients.
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Do you have any food aversions? Please provide details of any food items or ingredients you simply cannot eat because you don't like them.
We shall try and avoid these for you. Although this may not always be possible, we will do our best.
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How spicy do you like your food?
What are your TOP FIVE all-time favorite foods/dishes?
We are in the process of designing our menu, and we will take your favorite foods into consideration! Don't worry about whether they are whole food plant based or not, leave the magic to us! :)
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Just to confirm, your meals are 100% Whole Food, Plant-based, and Organic, where possible. Plus, it will be a complete meal, comprising of all the different food groups for perfectly balanced nutrition. Please select 'Great!' once you have read this.
This is a Pilot Program. Thank you again for your support! We just wanted to share that you may encounter things that you don't like during our testing period, but we are a dedicated team trying to bring about a movement of change in how we view food. Do you agree to join hands with us and help us smooth out any inconsistencies in this new, exciting initiative before we launch for the public?
If you have any questions, please let us know here. We are as excited as you are!
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