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Thanks for your interest in speaking at BLR. BLR is here to facilitate many a manner of talks. A few examples of previous subject matters are:
* Hardware Hacking
* Security Research and Technology
* Lockpicking
* Technology fundamentals
* Homebrewing
* Survival preparation
* Industry practices
* Electronics, microcontrollers, hardware hacking
* Manufacturing techniques (Forging, molding, vacuum forming, CAD/CAM, etc)

BLR is a terrific place for first time speakers and seasoned veterans to come, talk and have fun with a friendly crowd that desires to learn.

Drop your info in below and you'll hear from a member of the education committee shortly.
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We totally respect people's desire not to be recorded and being recorded is NOT a requirement to speak at BLR, but we would like to build up a library of talk videos for posterity and for future education of our members.
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