Staff Covid 19 Screener
Ensuring the health and safety of our students and staff is a top priority and everyone plays a role. The most important thing staff can do to help mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 is to complete the screener daily to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed on the screener, please call the nurse contact listed below BEFORE YOU ENTER THE BUILDING to discuss your unique situation which may or may not result in staying home from school. If the nurse determines that you must stay home, please inform your building of your absence for coverage.
Please note the MA Covid-19 Travel Guidelines have been changed to a Covid-19 Travel Advisory effective 3/22/21. A Covid-19 test result is not required to return to school. Travel Order Information
Canton Nursing Team contacts for staff:
RODMAN: Bailey Hewit, RN- 617-719-7506
HANSEN, JFK & LUCE: Irene Keefe, RN- 781-989-0297
GMS & CHS: Lauren Pushard, RN- 781-633-1685
If you are already in the building and you are experiencing symptoms, please LEAVE THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY, notify the main office, and follow the steps above.
Screening questions were revised on 3/15/21 and updated with the current guidelines from the CDC, MA DPH and Canton Health Department. Screener answers will be recorded and maintained on file.
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If you answered YES to any of the previous questions, it is important to call your designated nurse contact listed at the top of the page IMMEDIATELY to discuss your situation BEFORE entering the school buildings. Thank you for your cooperation and your dedication to keeping our school community safe!
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