Wilsonville First Citizen Nomination Form
Wilsonville is known for great people who do great things. That's why every year, the Rotary Club of Wilsonville bestows the First Citizen Award on a deserving individual or couple. At the 2017 Heart of Gold Celebration, Tim Knapp was honored. Prior winners include Jaimy and Sherine Beltran, Donna Bane, Kathryn Whittaker, Dick Spence, Debi Laue, Lonnie and Julie Gieber, Theonie Gilmore, Anne Easterly, Ron Anderson, Bob and Judy Woodle, Alan Kirk, Doris Wehler, Sue Ludlow, John Ludlow, Charlotte Lehan, and Dr. Laura LaJoie Bishop.

On March 3, 2018, at the 17th annual Heart of Gold Celebration, the Rotary Club of Wilsonville will honor a new First Citizen. Who will it be? We are seeking nominations. Please tell us about a special person who deserves this prestigious honor for their outstanding contributions in community service and leadership.

ELIGIBILITY: Any adult or couple that volunteers, lives or works in Wilsonville is eligible.

IMPORTANT: You MUST include a statement (or statements) of why the nominee is deserving of the honor. No self-nominations shall be considered.

DEADLINE: December 31, 2017.

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