Absentee Ballot - PGP Winter 2020 Convention, Gresham, January 11-12, 2020
Online form to collect votes for absentee ballots. Note, only supporting Green Party members can vote.
To be a Supporting Member, a registered Green must meet the requirements of Article III of the Constitution and the Bylaws. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wX0oUpECdUmcI9KSgBUmIAjYXL0wm6N- (time on social media does not count as volunteer time)

Please cast only one ballot; however you may edit your vote before the counting starts at the convention, when responses will no longer be taken. If you are unable to edit for some reason, cast a new ballot and write "revote" and the date and time in the comment field. Only your most recent ballot will be counted.
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SCC Election
So far, candidate questionnaires have been submitted by: George Hutchinson, Mary Geddry, Ken Adams and Ibrahim Taher. Other candidates may still step forward before or during the convention. You may write in other candidates, but if they don't announce, they will be considered eliminated before the count and your ballot will be adjusted. Vote for up to five candidates in Ranked-Choice format: Mark your first choice with a 1, your second choice with a 2, and so forth. They will be counted by an STV method to be determined at the convention.
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SCC Alternates
If the proposal to create alternate SCC members passes, the convention may elect up to three. There are no declared candidates, but you may still vote for up to three people, just in case. Use ranked-choice format.
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Proposed Issue Endorsements
Stand Aside
Stop sale of .org
Oregon People's Rebate
Fair Elections Initiative
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