Sunbird Trust Volunteer Form 2019
Dear candidate,
We are pleased that you decided to be a part of the Sunbird Trust Family. We would request you to kindly fill up this form to help us understand your interests, strengths and motivation. This will enable us to map you to a specific project location or a specific project.

Sunbird Trust team
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Please mention in which field or domain you would like to impart training or work on. This can be for children or adults.
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The locations that Sunbird Trust works in are rural and remote. Basic amenities are a luxury and many a times things can get difficult. Having said that, there are employees of Sunbird who have relocated to site locations from cities and have adjusted well. We would request you to answer the following questions honestly as it would help us to understand your needs better and give you a sense of the facilities we can provide you. *
I am okay with not having access to running water.
I am okay with drinking boiled non-filtered water
I am okay with having intermittent access to internet/network and electricity
I am okay with having limited food options
I am okay with having access to a proper city only once or twice a month
I am okay with shared rural-style accommodation
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