Oxford Graduate School Institutional Services Assessment
Please complete the form below. Select your term and core, then answer the subsequent questions rating each statement on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being strongly disagree, 10 being strongly agree). You may optionally provide written suggestions in the spaces provided.
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The physical facilities and equipment were adequate to support the class(es).
Food provided at the Gathering Place was nutritious and adequate.
The classroom environment (temperature, cleanliness) was comfortable.
There was adequate security on campus.
The course registration process was uncomplicated.
Negotiation of a financial contract was handled adequately.
Payments were received and processed adequately.
Orientation to the library was helpful and satisfactory.
Faculty/staff were available to answer questions about the library.
The library was well lighted and comfortable for reading and research.
The chapel program was a significant part of each Core.
The chapel homily was meaningful and appropriate.
The communion service was meaningful and served suitably.
Chapel service provided spiritual growth opportunities for me.
I understand the Christian education philosophy of Oxford Graduate School.
The faculty and administrators demonstrated a Christian philosophy of education.
Adequate information for dealing with emergency situations was given.
Explanation of the program of study was adequate.
What suggestions would you make for improvement in the Core?
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Was there an especially beneficial feature of the Core week?
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