The Pigeon Classic #2

Welcome... The Drowned God has been expecting you...
DOOM // QuakeWorld // Warfork
Fundraiser for Egyptian Cure Bank
Friday Oct 18 - Saturday Oct 19
Presented by The Keep
Every October Cthalha charges us to honor Her with frags and gibs by raising funds for a worthy cause. Last year we turned out a couple hundred bucks for California wildfire relief with an epic Quake Champions King of the Hill and the help of State of Quake.

The Drowned God has charged us to make this year’s event bigger, better and more charitable than the last. So we’ll be hosting 3 events for a blowout weekend of good will!

But why are we giving to a charity all the way over in Egypt?

ZDaemon players already know the story of Suplex.

Suplex is a young Egyptian Doom player stricken with leukemia. As he's fighting this awful disease, he takes comfort in playing Doom with friends. That's what this is all about, right? Offering comfort, support, fun and gaming are all key elements of our community. We all play games for different reasons. Some of us are driven to compete. Some are seeking a community. Many are escaping from stressful lives. Suplex and many others like him are fighting for theirs.

We reached out to Suplex. We asked if we could give to him or to his family. American dollars really add up in Egyptian pounds. He politely declined. In his stead, he asked that we give to the same organization that has supported him in his time of need, that they may continue helping other children suffering from debilitating and often fateful diseases. He chose the Egyptian Cure Bank, so that is who we will support this year.

The Arena FPS Community knows no borders. We do not care about your nationality, your faith, your government or your source port. We support each other. That is the will of Cthalha.

Egyptian Cure Bank:
(Be sure to use translate, the site is written in Arabic.)

The Keep:
Refer to #pigeon-classic under the category The Cult of Cthalha.

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