7th Grade Course Request 2020-21
English, Science, Social Studies (Geography), and Bible Plus are the same for all 7th grade students.

The others are different from person to person. On this form, you will make requests for those courses.

*You will need a parent to approve your choices and "SIGN" for you at the end.
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Courses for Credit
Students need 26.5 Upper School course credits in order to graduate from Oakbrook. We call them units. 7th grade students who were in pre-algebra as 6th graders have the opportunity to take one of these Upper School courses for credit - Algebra 1.

Note: A prerequisite is a course that you need to have taken BEFORE taking the course you are requesting.

For future planning, please see the 2020-21 Curriculum Guide for more details about courses for graduation credit. https://www.oakbrookprep.org/pdfs/Curriculum-Guide-2020-2021-Final.pdf

If you have questions, ask your teacher(s) or Mrs. Rollins.
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The following electives are available to 7th graders:
Creative Writing
Graphic Design

Below you will make your choices for electives. At this time, do not consider whether or not you would like an elective for a semester or maybe for two, just select your electives based on which you want as first choice, second choice, etc.

A Note About Electives:
All elective courses may not be offered to all grades (based on interest and staff availability).
Courses have size limitations; students may not be assigned to a course that has reached its maximum capacity.
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CHECK any elective you would like to take for TWO semesters (full year). *TWO semesters are required for band. This is OPTIONAL. You will have a total of FOUR semesters of elective classes. You may leave this BLANK to select four different classes. **If you select more than one, please write your FIRST choice in the "Comments and Questions" space below. *
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