Are you ready to fight?
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Are you ready to fight for your life?
What is one dream you have? Come on...I DARE you to DREAM big.
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What does fighting 4 life mean to you?
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What’s your weakness when it comes to shopping? Or How do you reward yourself? (Trips, Gifts, Nails, Meals, Entertainment)
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Do you believe that you can SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP? *
Have you heard of Beachbody? *
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If I gave you 100-150 days to change your life what would you do? HEALTH, LIFESTYLE, FAMILY, CAREER, LOVE... *
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What made you want to make a change?
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What is the one thing during the week you cannot LIVE without? Mine is SWEETS...ESPECIALLY COOKIES *
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What or who would keep you motivated on your tough days? *
What is the one thing you wanna Bounce-back from? Or...How can I ENCOURAGE you to Suck It Up?
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LAST question I promise ARE you excited to #Fight4Life
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