Cybersecurity Training Assessment of Learning Outcomes
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Which of the following is a suspicious email? *
Which of the following can cybercriminals use to gain access to confidential information? *
Personal laptops, mobile devices, and desktops that connect to the SISD network are subject to Springtown ISD IT monitoring, security, and management standards. *
It is acceptable to share passwords with IT staff or other trusted individuals. *
Mobile computing devices are generally not secure and inherently at risk for data loss. As such, Springtown ISD ___________________ information should not be stored on a mobile computing device. *
Emails in my inbox and files I have created and stored on district-owned/provided information resources are my personal property. *
It is the responsibility of Springtown ISD to safeguard and secure student’s personal information, and as an employee of the district, I share in this responsibility. *
A virus is software/application that securely manages my data. *
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