Board of Directors Interest Survey
Joining the LNGS Board of Directors enables you to actively participate in the decisions and actions that shape the future of the league and players.

For some it can feel intimidating when you are not sure if you "know enough" about the league, or the sport, or the position you that you are interested in. But ultimately, the best person for the position is the one who is willing to learn. We have great folks who all help each other out. Whether you have strong skills or lots of enthusiasm, we'd love to hear from you! The Board needs both!

Remember that filling out this interest survey doesn't commit you to any position - it just lets us know who is interested. So let us know if you want more info and we will be in touch!

Thank you for your interest!

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Board positions consist of one or more of the tasks below. In some cases, Board Members currently fill the associated positions but may have older players who are "aging out" of the league or may be considering moving into another role. In these cases it is in the leagues best interest to start training new Board Members while the current members are still here. For this reason, please don't worry about checking the box next to a position you know is filled. Please check all the items and/or Board positions below that interest you.
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