The Comfit Care Periodical
Sharing our similarities and celebrating our differences, periodically.
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Some of our favourites: Your Period. Aunt Flo. Shark Week. Monthlies. Menses. Moon Time. Time of The Month. On the Rag. Code Red. Surfing the Crimson Wave.
Tell us about the first time you got your period. *
Did you know what to expect or did it come as a surprise? How did you feel and did you tell anyone about it? Do you have any beliefs or traditions to do with your first period?
What is your period like now? *
How would you describe your period today? Tell us about any symptoms you experience or routines you follow. Do you make time for self care or use any remedies? Are there any cultural beliefs or traditions you follow while on your period?
What's the best thing you've learnt from your period? *
What have you've learnt since first getting your period about yourself or your body? Has it made you more aware of your behaviours or are there any facts that blow your mind?
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We'll get in touch with you personally before posting any of your answers.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Our hope is that the more stories we share, the more women will feel confident and empowered in their own experiences.
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