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Andre Giovanni states "The saddest demise in life is an artist who is amazing at their craft and decides to simply not pursue their dreams. We are all damaged, had rough lives, aren't satisfied at where we are in life, and struggle with depression. Pursuing our dreams is the only way to keep ourselves from being swallowed up by depression and losing motivation. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop victimizing your life, learn from your past mistakes, and start pursing the things you love in the present."


Mortus Viventi started in 2006 as a horror based clothing line among 4 best friends in high school who loved playing Nazi Zombies, the brand later developed into a small concert production company which hosted over 76+ shows in the Inland Empire. Various t-shirts were design and sold for the sake of covering venue rentals so local bands could perform without having to "pay-to-play" at small and mid sized venues. In 2012 the brand was put on pause after doing its first summer run on Warped Tour so the owner could focus on attending college and learn more about the music industry.


Founder and owner Andre Giovanni has a strong vision in ultimately ending the practice of "pay-to-play" in Southern California and creating a home for anyone from the alternative community to escape and debut their work. He envisions a world where venues, promoters, and local bands all work together to develop and progress local musicians. A belief that all musicians weather they are openers or headliners deserve to be treated fairly, groomed with knowledge, paid for their performances, and have a stable foundation to progress their careers as musicians.


In 2017 Andre Giovanni began re-developing the brand with the help of his close friends (Dillon Lee & Aaron Scott), into single color tarot based brand inspired by the trials and tribulations life had thrown his way. Each design is engulfed in a dark life lesson that was turned into a positive meaning for others resonate with. The clothing brand is half way done with raising the money to open up its first music venue in Southern California and fruition this vision into something real. We are looking for people who are active in their passions, resonate with our beliefs, and are interested towards spreading awareness of our cause.

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