Trashion Show Fundraiser Entry Form
Design a garment (or garments!) out of repurposed garbage & recycling and find a model that is willing to showcase it on a catwalk on Sunday, April 21st! Open to all ages.
All money raised will be a donation to WaterAid & North Columbia Environmental Society.

• Honest trash only – all materials used must be items that were already bound for the landfill. You may not consume products to create the trash you need. You may, however, recover other people’s or business’ trash (with their permission). If you need assistance with material gathering, don’t be afraid to ask, we’ll make a call out on our social media to help you!
• Family Friendly – be sure your outfit is appropriate to be viewed in public by all ages.
• You may enter as many outfits as you like, first entry is $25 and includes you and your model's entry into the show. Each additional entry is $10.
• You are responsible for your own model & their entire look.

Other than that, the sky’s the limit! Get creative, have fun & show us how beautiful repurposing can be! Google search “Trashion” for inspiration and be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for inspiration, updates & prize announcements!

Questions, comments, concerns: Contact Kate Borucz at 250-837-2025 or

Event organizers will be in touch when you submit an entry form - ENTRY FEES ARE TO BE SUBMITTED IN PERSON (CASH ONLY) AT BIRCH & LACE (114 1st St. W) or FEATHER & STONE (RMR Village Base) NO LATER THAN APRIL 17th.

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