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The Huntington News is committed to being more connected to campus and students. Part of that commitment is acknowledging our blindspots: We do not know all the people, events, projects or important trends happening on campus. Or, we may be aware of important issues but miss a critical angle or community perspective.

This tip line serves as a way for individuals to get in touch with us, anonymously or not, about the stories they want The News to be covering. The form is anonymous and is not recording any information about you unless you choose to give it.

Some examples of things you could pitch: Your club is having an event or program coming up. Your community on campus is facing a challenging issue that we should be aware of. There is a protest happening on or off campus that you feel is relevant to our student body. You, or a friend, is doing something really cool, and you want visibility.

You can also reach out with problems: If we misspelled something, misquoted someone, said something inaccurate, or you just disagree, please reach out. If you're interested in writing an opinion article with your thoughts, please reach out. If you want to meet with a staff member to discuss your concerns or thoughts about the newspaper, please reach out.

This Tip Line is checked daily during weekdays and infrequently over weekends or breaks. If you have not received a reply within 72 hours or your tip is urgent, please contact one of our managing editors at

Thank you!
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