Team Equinox Life Science 2019-20
This year during 7th grade science we will learn about the work of scientists. We will study bacteria, archaea, protists, fungi, plants, and animals and how they relate to each other in ecosystems. We will also study the organization of organisms including human body systems. In addition to learning about living things we will ALSO learn study skills to become better learners. We sure have a busy year ahead of us!!!

The following survey gives information about what to expect in my classroom this year. Please fill in answers as thoroughly as possible. Many questions allow for multiple answers (mark as many as is accurate to your situation).

Thank you for your input and I look forward to a great school year! Welcome to Team Equinox!!!
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I expect each student to have a science notebook for the year to keep all science papers, notes, quizzes, and tests completed during each unit. Students will need a 3 subject spiral bound notebook for ONLY SCIENCE WORK (college ruled is preferred), a package of loose-leaf paper, writing utensils (please be advised that I do not prefer mechanical pencils to be used in my classroom), and a 1-1/2 inch 3 ring binder to hold it all together (like a cell wall protects the cell membrane!). I expect each student to come prepared to class daily with their assignment planner, their science notebook (binder, spiral, and loose-leaf paper), writing utensils, as well as any assignments due for the day. I will give 4 hall passes per trimester to be used for leaving the classroom to gather any missing materials if forgotten. My classroom is NOT a place for using cell phones. *
If class time is missed due to illness or other reasons, the student is responsible to gather and complete any work that was missed. Check my website ( for what was done on the day(s) missed or contact your fellow classmates. I will be available at lunch or after school to make up notes, labs, videos, quizzes and tests (make up time is NOT done during classes upon return… plan for this). Please remember, it is the student’s responsibility to get caught up. I allow two days for every one day missed to complete absent work. Computers are available in the school library if you do not have internet at home. The “Hunt’s Ramblings” tab of my website is invaluable to keep up with daily work. *
Academic grades are calculated using content, concepts, and skills listed in the Montana State Science Standards. We use a leveled grading system of 4 (advanced), 3 (proficient), 2 (nearing proficient), and 1 (novice). The work ethic standard is a measure of how well students “do school.” Timeliness, citizenship, and quality of work factor to a work ethic grade. In this science class, we follow Kalispell Middle School’s guidelines for success to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe. It is important to have good conduct in a science class. Students goofing around and being inappropriate can get themselves or someone else hurt. Sometimes students need simple reminders to do the correct thing and sometimes parents need to be called to support a student's success in the classroom. *
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You may have additional questions about what to expect this year in life science, questions about what to expect in 7th grade, questions about what to expect at Kalispell Middle School, or just questions. Please let me know if you have anything to ask!
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