April 10, 2020 11 a.m.

Thank you for your interest in Rocky Mountain Health Foundation’s Rapid Response grant program. We regret to inform you that the entire $300,000 fund has been expended and we are not accepting new applications at this time.

We appreciate your commitment towards creating healthy communities and wish you success serving vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 crisis.


Federal Support
• The bills recently passed by Congress contain provisions that will be very helpful to nonprofits with less than 500 employees (counted by full and part time people – not FTE). The public discussion of these acts is about businesses – nonprofits are businesses and are eligible.
• Loans are available for nonprofits. If all of the rules are followed the loans can be forgiven and essentially turned into grants
• Detailed guide about eligibility and how to apply for Paycheck Protection Loans for nonprofits
• Employee Retention Payroll Tax Credit: Creates a refundable payroll tax credit of up to $5,000 for each employee on the payroll when certain conditions are met. The entity had to be an ongoing concern at the beginning of 2020, experienced a whole or partial shutdown, and had seen a drop in revenue of at least 50 percent in the first quarter compared to the first quarter of 2019. The availability of the credit would continue each quarter until the organization’s revenue exceeds 80 percent of the same quarter in 2019. For tax-exempt organizations, the entity’s whole operations must be taken into account when determining eligibility. Notably, employers receiving Paycheck Protection Program loans would not be eligible for these credits. Section 2301.
• Delayed Payment of Payroll Taxes: Allows employers to delay payment of the employer portion payroll taxes in 2020; payable in equal halves at the end of 2021 and 2022. Section 2301


• Article about self-insured for unemployment nonprofits
• Colorado Nonprofit Association launched a Colorado Nonprofit COVID-19 Facebook group ([0]=68.ARA1asRLkLQCeH-uCR7cngdSraRgUKr8o-fRfBKldrfYBr0WWYBH9vhDnFvSHv9lvBtIYU8okAyRzW88hRzjcBBg38iC2hn7dVppv19Sy87vKJgu6iAHzUh5Uy4qn290ktYhUHUzGJd719A9PW-x0MMsiVsmCkA9RokF71Mhw4GrQpqw44u-eaUEgM8Z1wKYo7m4Jzui7EG-SdmDyJdvweOyrcn-9a06-1drN-HpS228Z3G4kbGsWFxJW7_6z3G772LfAjZa0ue43jMRdz09cWKHOb33usyyBkTjNa0JxgFsQ-h_F5qJnkIIX5PPr4-NivBzWOcUh41sIgqZ0GfU&__tn__=HH-R) and LinkedIn group ( with the intent of creating a shared space for Colorado nonprofit professionals to connect virtually, provide support, post resources, and generate community-powered solutions.
• Colorado Nonprofit Association: COVID-19 Updates & Resources for Colorado Nonprofits (
• Community Resource Center: COVID-19 Response Resources (
• State’s COVID Website: www.
• CDLE’s website, with information on resources for workers, employers, etc:
• CDPHE's website on COVID-19 Testing:
• Child care support for essential workers

Grant Opportunities

• Colorado COVID-19 Relief Fund – A statewide fund to support community-based organizations. Grant deadlines are every 2 weeks with maximum awards $25,000. Apply here
• NextFifty -
• Colorado COVID-19 Hunger Relief Fund -
• Many local community foundations have set up funds to support community organizations
o Aspen Community Foundation – Parachute to Aspen - (970) 925-9300
o The Grand Foundation – Grand County - (970) 887-3111
o Summit Foundation - (970) 453-5970
o Telluride Foundation - (970) 728-8717
o Community Foundation of Gunnison Valley - (970) 641-8837
o Lake County Community Fund - (719) 286-3396
o Montrose Community Foundation - (970) 249-3900
o Community Foundation of SW Colorado - (970) 375-5807
O Yampa Valley Community Foundation - Northwest Colorado (970) 879-8632

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