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Click here yes if you need help to travel between Őrimagyarósd and Zalalövő/Zalaegerszeg train stations. Please write us an e-mail ( about details (train number, exact time of arrival etc.). This help is not provided in every case, but maybe several of us can help with his/her own car.
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I register myself to the VEGA'19 Summebr Observing Amateur Astronomical Camp. I will send the deadline (10 July 2019) the registration fee to the following account: Vega Csillagászati Egyesület, IBAN: HU86 7550 0258 1081 9342 0000 0000. The registration is valid if we send an e-mail to you that it is accepted and if you paid the registration fee in time. You read the information sheet in the VAA-homepage and you accept them: *
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