TCS Event Scholarship Application
The Contemplative Society provides some partial scholarships and subsidies (including up to 50% of the shared accommodation cost; maximum $500) for participation in our events, retreats, and Wisdom Schools. If you require assistance in excess of the stated fees we encourage you to also seek additional sources of funding (such as church parish funding, special funding for youth, etc.).

Please complete and submit the following form. All information will be held in confidence.

We will be reviewing scholarship requests as they are received, and will inform you if you have been approved to receive one in advance of the non-refundable deposit due date. Scholarship requests will not be processed until your registration is received:

Which of our events are you seeking financial assistance for? *
Please provide a summary of why you would like to participate in this event, including the relevance to your spiritual development and how this might benefit your contemplative community. *
Please provide a short summary of why you are seeking financial assistance at this time, as well as any other sources of support you will explore: *
What ways might you be able to assist the ministry of The Contemplative Society in the future? *
Would you be willing to help as a volunteer at the event? *
Would you be willing to write a brief reflection on the event, and how the scholarship impacted you, to be shared with our funders? *
Are you a current, paid up member of The Contemplative Society? *
Scholarship recipients are typically allocated shared accommodations. In extraordinary circumstances, we may allocate private accommodations upon request though the amount awarded is based on the cost of shared accommodations. If you require private accommodations, please explain:
If you have any additional information you would like to include with your application, please enter this below. All accepted scholarship recipients will be asked to provide a short report to The Contemplative Society after the event to be used for reporting and promotional purposes. Thank you.
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