Listening Session Survey
This is your chance to share in your own words, what your goals and aspirations are for Grant County and yourself.
What kind of a community do you want? *
Why is that important and how is it different from today?
What are 2-3 of the most important concerns when it comes to the community? *
Why are these at the top of your list?
How do these issues affect you personally? *
Personal experience, people around you
When you think about these concerns, how do you feel about what's going on? *
Why? How do you think other's feel?
What do you think is keeping us from making progress? *
What are the kinds of things that can be done to make a difference? *
what do you think this will accomplish? What are the kind of things that individuals can do?
What might you like to see which would tell you that the things are starting to happen? *
Think about 6 month to a year form now.
What questions do you have for the United Way or the community? *
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